Lewis Smith Recap


Shawn finished 43rd and caught the Big Bass on day one: 6lbs, 6oz.

Tournament Lewis Smith Lake
What was the water temp? 53 - 60
Did you fish Deep or Shallow? Mostly stayed around the 7 - 10 range
What was the main bass forage in the lake? I believe that the blue back herring are becoming very popular
What stage are the bass in - pre-spawn, spawn or post spawn? Pre spawn and spawn
Do you aleady have spots picked out from a previous tournament? No I fished some of the same areas but different spots
What considerations or steps were taken in narrowing down your search to a particular pattern or area of the lake? There are 3 major arms on the lake I decided to break one arm down the best I could
Did what you find in practice work in the tournament. How did you adjust if it didn't? For the most part just the size of fish changed due to the spawn
Have you fished the lake before? How has it changed since the last time? Water level, grass, etc. The last time we were there I don't recall blue back herring in the lake and that has really helped the size of fish
How much actual fishing did you do in practice, or was it mostly scouting areas? We were out there before daylight and would come back in at dark.
What lures(s) did you use most in practice? In the tournament? Jerkbait , crankbait
Most used rod / technique in practice / tournament? Jerkbait and crankbait
Did the weather hold up from practice to the tournament? If not, what adjustments did you make if any? The weather was on a big warming trend that put a lot of fish to the bed , then we had a cold front push thru that backed a few off
What will you take from this event into the next tournament? The next event should fish really close to this one
Best meal you had? Prime rib
Best non-fishing memory / moment? The house we rented was horrible . The owners didn't pay the cable bill so our television was cut off , no heat and big rats were plentiful