Beaver Lake Recap


Tournament Beaver lake
Do you aleady have spots picked out from a previous tournament? No, I just fished the conditions.
What considerations or steps were taken in narrowing down your search to a particular pattern or area of the lake? I tried to have clear water and stained water areas to fish based upon what weather conditions were going to be.
Did what you find in practice work in the tournament. How did you adjust if it didn't? For the most part it did, I just had to switch patterns as we moved throughout the tourney.
What stage are the bass in - pre-spawn, spawn or post spawn? Pre-spawn
Have you fished the lake before? How has it changed since the last time? Water level, grass, etc. Yes , it seemed like the fish bit alot better this time
What was the water temp? 52-56
How much actual fishing did you do in practice, or was it mostly scouting areas? Fished from daylight to dark Sunday - Tuesday.
Did you fish Deep or Shallow? Concentrated on 8-10 ft.
What was the main bass forage in the lake? Shad
What lures(s) did you use most in practice? In the tournament? Wiggle Wart crankbait and an umbrella rig
Most used rod / technique in practice / tournament? Shimano Chronarch reel and G Loomis rod
Did the weather hold up from practice to the tournament? If not, what adjustments did you make if any? When the wind didn't blow I fished in colored water. When it was blowing, I fished clear water.
What will you take from this event into the next tournament? Confidence and momentum.
Best meal you had? I cooked duck at the house we were staying at.
Best non-fishing memory / moment? My buddy Ryan Chandler didn't know his new Ranger boat had interior lights in it until I showed him how to turn them on.
Anything else to add? Just pleased with a second place finish an a 35000.00 check!